Saint Francis has really been a helping aid to many students who wish to study abroad in countries like USA, Australia, NZ and what not…., enhancing their future opportunities. The staff at Saint Francis is really friendly and the director Mr. Rabindra Ghimire is a very nice and an understanding person to talk to. He can understand the student’s problems and situations very well and work according to it. The Saint Francis team headed by Mr. Rabindra Ghimire have been very instrumental in helping me walk a path where I have had a chance to be really successful and achieve my dreams, ambitions and goalsRead More →

It is my great pleasure to meet Mr. Rabindra Ghimire and I admire the support he provided me on my endeavor to study abroad, particularly Australia. He supported me in my admission process right from the start and whenever I faced difficulty he was there to find the way out. Saint Francis International is a place where you have no regrets. You come here and you find the way out. I can feel my future secure and ambitions fulfilled only because of the timely help from Saint Francis and its staff. My best wishes to Saint Francis.Read More →

I had completely lost my hope to study in a foreign country. And Saint Francis International came to me as confidence booster and with their meticulous guidance, I was able to revive, I got my visa. I would like to state that they provide expert guidance in visa documentation and Staff members of Saint Francis are polite and co-operative. I owe this company millions of thanks as without their assistance I would not have been able to make to my destination.Read More →